“ Sybille, par son écoute attentive et bienveillante, m’a aidée à reconnaître et guérir mes blessures profondes. Sa créativité et sa pensée positive sont des trésors pour manifester la joie et le bonheur dans notre vie. ”
Peggy, France
“ With Sybille,I feel very safe to share anything I want. She is a great listener and understands me without any judgements. When i recieve a healing from her,I feel more space inside of me and I feel myself more. One thing I notice most is how I slow down with Sybille and that gives me time and space to be with what there is in the moment. Sybille is very gentle and a fantastic healer. I feel very grateful for her support on my personal search path. Thank you! With love… ”
Jasna, Slovenia
“ I experienced the wonder of Sybille’s beautiful energy and her healing lifted me up to a much lighter feeling of life. She has such a big heart and stayed present with everything I was processing during the healing sessions. And her infinite essence allowed me to get connected with the divine love and wisdom in an unbelievable manner and that energetically awakened me to the truth of who I am in the universe. Life becomes so different when living from that truth. I cannot tell how grateful I am for her healing talent and commitment. She has other qualities I am sure you will appreciate when you put yourself in her hands, such as her higher sense perception, beautiful femininity, vast space for you to be authentic, and great compassion for humanity.. She is an excellent choice, trust yourself. ”
Bingjing L., China