Sacred Space









I have the pleasure to spend time with this little girl every single week in the atelier.

What Am I saying, we share a sacred space.

What is a sacred space?
In my experience, a sacred space, is a time and space set up that will make it possible for you to connect deeply to yourself, a space where you give yourself the opportunity to be with yourself.

When in your sacred space, clarity, joy, peace and creativity start to flow effortlessly.
When in sacred space, you feel nourished by and with yourself.

This little girl has a great skill to set up that space for herself while in the atelier.
She knows exactly what she needs for herself, in the physical space, in the environment, to be able to enter that inner sacred space of Self, and let herself be.

While that little girl is naturally able to create that for herself, some children or adults face difficulties to create such a space in which they can meet their inner sacred Self.

The good news is: this is a skill that can be learned.