Sybille Forget
Psychothérapeute Energétique et Découverte de Soi par l’Art

Sybille Forget

Since always, I am fascinated by the human being, I perceive his qualities and difficulties to manifest them. I wonder how to support a person to live the best he has in him, to manifest his essence.

At the same time, drawing and painting are immense pleasure and a deep need for my personal balance. I took many private and academic lessons.

After studying Litterature at university to become a teacher and after 8 years of Scouts’leading, the same question keeps coming to me: how to help people to become aware of their own value and what to develop to enable such development.

I then did 4 years of intensive training in psychotherapy energetics (healing) at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, 4 years of intensive work on myself and of learning of technics (psychological and energetical) to support who wishes in the manifestation of himself and his longings.

Meanwhile I launched Pulss, first frawing and painting workshops, then also Self Discovery through Art workshops and Psychotherapy energetics.

Today, the same question still inspires me, the adventure is just starting. I am very happy to share it with you !