Last week-end, I attended a two days workshop Of Tantric yoga*. When I came back from that very joyful experience, I learned that a dear friend lost her baby at 7.5 pregnancy. Two days later she almost passed away due to complications after having given birth. Meanwhile, two close friends announced me that they are pregnant:).

This whole week of feeling so close to life and death brought me to the following :

*Tantric yoga is a way to learn being one with all what is. The tantric approach says that there is no separation between things and that goodness is our deep nature. What we judge good or bad, beautiful or ugly, are all related. And so, instead of ignoring or rejecting what we experience as negative, it’s to learn to allow those places to transform and rise to their original goodness.

So many of us are so much in need of « living » more beauty and tenderness. All places of pain (anger, shame, sadness, self-judgement) are desperatly asking us for more compassion, love and softness. They are asking us to become aware of those qualities we all have deeply rooted in us and to dare to radiate them more. They ask us to consider and trust their original goodness and to go for it !

From my personnal experience, it is not always easy, often quite challenging, but always a thousand times worth!! Beauty becomes even more beautiful and pain, rather then being an object of resistance and rejection, starts to become a place behind which i see the soft qualities wanting to express themselves. How more you open to yourself, how more you are able to enjoy what is, and vice versa.

Kind of magical, don’t you think ?!

I enter this new week-end more passionated and amazed about Life then i have ever been!!

Wishing you the same xoxo