On April 22-24 in Geneva, I will be facilitating a workshop on Creativity and Energy Consciousness with my former 4th year Dean and Brennan Healing Science Teacher Alain Grouette and a fellow Brennan Healing Science Practitioner Melina Fuhrmann.

The workshop will also be given in French on April 15-17 in Geneva.



– The main purpose of this workshop is to empower you so you can create what you long for in your life.

– Transform your life, your personal and professional relationships by discovering, exploring and expanding yoru innate and natural creative abilities;

– Uncover denials, shadows, distortions, beliefs, traumas that may be restricting your creative flow;

– Clarify your longing(s) for what you wish to create in your life;

– Create Your Life;

– Create Art, Music;

– Create a Relationship;

– Create Abundance;

– Create your Employment; a Practice to Help Others; a Business; an Organization;

– Create Health, Wellbeing;

– Create Joy, Happiness, Peace;

– Create a Live Expression of Your Dreams, Your Passion;

– Let your creative expression clarify your purpose in being, your reason to live;

– Live the incredible experience of the Power of Your Creativity.


WHERE : GENEVA, Switzerland

WHEN :   April 22-24 in English

SCHEDULE : Friday from 7pm until 9.30 pm; Saterday  and Sunday from 10.00am until 6.00pm


Early Bird Price:        SFr. 380 until March 1, 2016

Regular Price:             SFr. 450

TO REGISTER :   please email melina@cultivating-alpha.com.

Spaces are limited. We expect this workshop to fill up quickly. Reserve your place now!



Alain is a passionate professional. He has been involved in helping people since his early childhood. It all started at a very young age when he was already interested in music, woodwork, theatre, improvisation, photography, arts, painting, dancing, mysticism, shamanism, psychology, meditation, contemplation, mindfulness, paranormal skills, extra sensory perception, natural health and subtle energy healing modalities. Then people started to ask him recommendations for their health issues.

As Alain continued to explore life as a professional musician and theatre festival organizer and coordinator, his interest in Global Health continued. After different musical performances and recordings, there were years in the corporate computer business world as an Internet engineer, consultant, leadership empowerment training teacher and sales representative. During this corporate experience Alain started his Naturopathic studies, then his Brennan Healing Science©, Brennan Integration Work©, Brennan Healing Science teaching, group process facilitation and Case leader trainings.

He also did individual private studies and supervision with two PhD psychology mentors for more than 15 years.

Alain has been involved in Natural Health for more than 40 years open heartedly helping people connect with their innate and natural creative healing abilities whether it be through in person or long distance one-on-one sessions, coaching, group facilitation dynamics, lectures, workshops or courses.

Alain is an international Healer, Psychotherapist, Teacher, Lecturer, Consultant, Brennan Healing Science Practitioner©, Brennan Integration Work Practitioner© and Supervisor, and a certified Naturopath. His practice is in Québec City, Canada as well as internationally through long distance sessions via the Web.


WHAT TO BRING– Any material they would like to experiment with: crayons, paints, instruments, textiles, computers, etc. Bring your creative tools.- At least a pen or pencil, some paper or a pad to write with.- We also recommend you bring or wear loose clothes for body movement and a blanket to lie on and/or cover yourself.



All workshop themes will be explored with experiential exercises using meditation, contemplation, mindfulness, relaxation, movement, individual personalized and group process, art therapy, subtle energy beingness psychodynamics, extra sensory perception practice, psychometric exercises, shamanic ritual and more.

This workshop experience is an interactive space of openness to whatever may manifest during our creative adventure.

You will have different opportunities to be alone with your own unique creative process accompanied by the personalized support of the facilitation team as well as experimenting in a group setting.

Alain has learned, created and developed many different techniques over the years that he likes to call “Healing Energy Awareness.” These techniques are used to help someone experience their inner natural creative healing life pulses, their subtle energy. There are so many different ways we separate, disconnect from this natural state of being. During this workshop you will have the opportunity to explore, discover what it is that maybe keeps you from letting this creative healing subtle energy express itself effortlessly in you, for you. You will have the opportunity to surrender to the unique aspect of your Essence, your core qualities, and your healing process. Alain has been integrating many different modalities that facilitate a complete holistic, caring, supportive and empowering approach to anyone’s unique creative process.

Your entire being: body, mind, emotions, soul, spirit and essence, is going to be contemplated during this workshop experience.



Throughout humankind’s history one major theme to emerge has been about the innate, natural, and infinite creative abilities human beings have. This innate and natural creative process is the effortless expression of a “subtle energy” which is continuously unfolding moment to moment. This subtle creative energy has been named many different things: chi, ki, prana, the force, love, kundalini, orgone, space energy, zero-point energy, aura field energy, energy of thought, energy of consciousness, spiritual energy, life-force energy, ether/aether/eter, vril, energy of intention, and intuition. From a scientific perspective, the subtle energy principle appears to be compatible with the theories of Quantum Physics.

Ancient traditions across multiple cultures and civilizations observed that when we human beings cannot express our creativity, one way or another, we become troubled and/or sick. Modern psychology is confirming this reality. When we simply let ourselves experience this innate and natural state of creativity, Joy, Bliss, Serenity, Health, Well-being can effortlessly manifest in our lives. There have been many attempts to try and explain this phenomenon, experienced by so many people, whether it be through spirituality, mythology, mysticism, religion, sciences, shamanism, arts… All these attempts mention that this state of being is unexplainable, ineffable. Trying to explain this natural state of being today is still a challenge. Yet, although it is unexplainable, it can surely be experienced.

Human history has also bequeathed us with the wisdom that creativity and its subtle energetic process of manifestation is often a transforming and transcending experience. Well-being can be experienced in the creative process as much as in the creative result itself.