Children are very conscisous.

It is always such a pleasure to be around them.

Here are some of the questions a 7 year old gird asked me during a conscious painting session. Thank you G. for those questions.

– What are emotions?

– Why do we have emotions?

– How are emotions and energy related?

– What is energy? and why do we have energy?

– What is light?


Those questions are very deep, soul connected, and essential. Essential to one’s soul expression.

Those questions, and living, experiencing their answers, are part of the

I am Creative Peace Retreat organised for children and adults, in Crete, 15-19 July 2019.

Please come with your child.


For more information on the set up of this retreat, and why children are as welcome as adults, and how both adults and children will receive same attention, and be likewise nourrished and grow, contact me :


May your expression bring you Joy,